About a Game...

  EmBeZzLeR 13:41 19 Nov 03

I know this is a computer help forum but i was wondering if someone could help me idenify the game i'm looking for...

Basically, it's a demo which has been released recently and it involves racing cars which have been kitted up...

Anyone know let me know :)


  SGT BARNES 14:02 19 Nov 03

bit more of a clue might help

  MidgetMan 14:13 19 Nov 03

As sgt barnes says abit more of a clue, is the game for the pc? who has released it? have you tried a google search?

  The Ghost of Inept Pig 14:18 19 Nov 03

How recent a demo release?

Have a look click here and see if any of the names spring out at you...

Need for Speed, perchance?

  EmBeZzLeR 14:28 19 Nov 03

I thank you so much!!! :)

Need for Speed Underground was the game :)

Thank you all and sorry about the limited information.

  hugh-265156 14:29 19 Nov 03

ford racing or ford world racing something :-)

midnight club?

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