abit utility loud siren noise

  c4rmo 14:13 10 Oct 04

k ive got a abit nf7-s mobo i just installed the abit utility called abit EQ which basically monitors all the voltages and temperatures i opened it and its giving off a loud siren noise the only thing that is red is the -12v which is running at -13.1v wot is this?? and is this gonna cause a problem??

  georgemac 14:24 10 Oct 04

its an alarm

the software utility is not correctly identifying the +12volt supply on the motherboard, I can assure you if it was outwith parameters you would know about it!

it won't cause a problem - you will have to disable the alarm or try and change the sensor - I don't know the utility

  Graham ® 14:26 10 Oct 04

You can make adjustments in BIOS:

click here

  georgemac 14:35 10 Oct 04

but there is no way I would start adjusting the voltages if your system is running fine.

if the +12 volt rail actually had -13.1 volts on it your pc would not be running!

  Dorsai 14:51 10 Oct 04


If the +12v line had -13.1 volts, yes you are right,

but the -(minus)12v line has -13.1 volts. which is about 110%...

  c4rmo 14:56 10 Oct 04

yeh its the -12v line that is running at -13.1v so basically just disable the setting in abit EQ and dont worry about it??

  Dorsai 14:57 10 Oct 04

Either way, the default for the hard ware monitor on my abit mobo is 110%, and 13.1 out of 12 is 109.6%

fairly cloce to the voltage the mobo maker regards as out of tolerance.

  georgemac 15:04 10 Oct 04

Thank you for spotting what I could not - maybe I need to visit the opticians!

I do not think there is any way you can adjust the -12 volt (99% sure) rail in the bios - this is regulated by the psu/motherboard

the only voltages adjustable in the bios are usually for the cpu, ram and agp slot.

I have an MSI board and the monitoring app does not even monitor the -12volt rail - I don't think it is very important? but I don't know.

  Dorsai 15:09 10 Oct 04

My monitor does not say wether it's the +12v or -12V it monitors, but the trigger level is set at 110% for all the lines it does monitor. One trigger level, applied to all.

Agree, the voltage is controlled in the PSU, no adjustment possible in BIOS, and i would not suggets tinkering in the PSU for one moment.

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