Abdroid Ice Cream Sand wixh user guide - improve down load buffering

  SparkyJack 08:10 28 Jun 12

Several question in one post

Android 4- Ice Cream Sandwich

Benn searching for a simple user guide for the above but all links so far seem to be be linked to a specific device, so does this mean it is different for each device - rather than an operating system for all devices?

My main reason for a search is to try to improve Buffering in down loads.

I appreciate - I think that bufferiung is as much to do with the connectivity between device and router and router and server rather than seeking to twitch the device/operating system.

For example the device is a ZT Tablet - 1gig Ram 8 gig internal and 32 gig on the card[external]storage I thought can I try to improve virtual memory on the device- would that improve the buffering on live Video downloads [U Tube for example]

Device ZT Tablet -2gig RAM 40 Gig total storage[8 interna; 32 on card]

BT Infinity 40Mb [35 typical] Andriod 4[Ice Cream Sandwich]

All thoughts appreciated

  SparkyJack 08:15 28 Jun 12

Lots of typos on the above - should have had breakfast before setting to on this quest

Device ZT Tablet 1gig Ram 40 Gig total storage[8 internal 32 on card]

  Woolwell 10:14 28 Jun 12

Manufacturers tend to customise some parts of the OS. But I doubt that you can do much to improve the buffering.


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