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AAAARGH!!!! Hard Drive Failure What to do?

  ajm 00:32 11 Sep 04

Hard drive failure occured this afternoon on a desktop machine used for accounts / taxes purposes. Last backed up Monday adn have soem backup.

very Important work was done Tuesday-Thursd. No backup made. HDD not being seen in BIOS and also not BOOTING up.

Any sugestions?

  GANDALF <|:-)> 00:37 11 Sep 04

Please tell me that you have an external backup......failing that you could take the HD out and try it in another machine...failing that you can pay to have the information restored but it costs £gazillions............these guys are VERY good click here and click here are good.


  ajm 00:45 11 Sep 04

Yes, have backup as of Monday. But did not backup Tuesday/Wednes/Thursday.

Have taken the HDD and plugged into a desktop machine and also in a external USB enclsosure. Seem the HD is powering up and spinning. But thats all.

Have emailed Ontrack for a quote. Either that or work ovetime!!!!!

  THE TERMINATOR 01:04 11 Sep 04

If you press the F8 key when you boot-up you will get to the startup menu. Choose START WITH LAST KNOWN GOOD CONFIGURATION....TT

  ajm 01:10 11 Sep 04

The HDD would not even be recognised in teh BIOS and on StartUP. Looks like a HDD failure.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 09:45 11 Sep 04

Hard disk tools :-
Seatools click here
WD Data lifeguard click here

You put it in another machine then try one of these tools to diagnose the HDD problem.

  ajm 12:04 11 Sep 04

its a Maxtor Hard Disk

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 12:10 11 Sep 04

They will still work or download MaxBlast 3 from click here

  mgmcc 14:59 11 Sep 04

<<< They will still work or download MaxBlast 3 from...>>>

I don't know how "ajm" is getting on but MaxBlast3 seems to have recovered my Maxtor hard drive that failed last weekend. I couldn't boot with it; couldn't restore a Ghost image to it; after repartitioning, XP's Setup couldn't format it - totally "kaput".

After 5 minutes with MaxBlast3, I've just installed XP in the drive again (although in a different PC).

Thanks for that :-)

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