Aaaargh!! - Firewalls

  roversfan 14:56 03 Apr 03

I use ics to share internet connection over LAN (lol - two pc's).

I looked for a firewall that was compatible with ics and found that sygate personal firewall was free and supposedly compatible.

Downloaded and installed above software.

Am now having severe problems. Can't access network. Internet connection seems to be totally blocked at random - will work well one minute then be blocked the next.

Only way to reset seems to be to allow all traffic.

Sorry I can't explain much better but hope that there is omeone familiar with this product who can help.

What am I doing wrong? How do you configure this beast to work properly on a LAN?

Any help greatly appreciated. Thanx


  A15 16:32 03 Apr 03

You have to find out the IP address that your machines are using & then tell your Firewall to accept all traffic on that address. To find IP address open start - run, then type ipconfig. Note IP address & then check the help files on your particular Firewall for how to set up that IP address as friendly or acceptable. I use Norton Firewall & in that you have to set it up as a trusted address.

  Legolas 16:49 03 Apr 03

I run Zonealarm free edition and it allows ICS and file sharing over my network as long as I set it at medium.

  Belatucadrus 19:54 03 Apr 03

click here and have a look at Kerio, there is also a users manual in pdf format from click here that is worth reading if you want info on configuration.

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