aaaah im confused, will ata 133 work with ata100

  skaria 21:02 12 Jan 05

hi everyone, quick question
i recently bought the maxtor 200gb hd (click here) and found out that my current seagate hard drive is ata/100. Will my new maxtor hd, which will replace the current one, work??? if not I wil quickly return the product to overclockers. Thanks in advance!!!

  skaria 21:03 12 Jan 05

sorry, forgot to mention. The maxtor drive is ata/133

  Mikè 21:05 12 Jan 05

and you may notice a small speed increase.

  skaria 21:06 12 Jan 05

Thank you so so so so so very very very much Mike. I was having a mini heartattack!!! Thanks for the quick reply. Skaria

  Mikè 21:09 12 Jan 05

Might be a problem with such a large drive but don't worry no prob's that can't be got round.

Maxtor do a free utility to clone your existing drive to the new one.

  Mikè 21:13 12 Jan 05

You could also keep your old drive installed as a slave, there will be no speed loss if you have a reasonably modern motherboard (older IDE chips did not support independant device timing, that is the faster drive would slow down to the slower drives ata speed).

  keith-236785 21:24 12 Jan 05

providing your motherboard supports ata 133 and you are using an 80 wire (ata 133)ide cable, then your drive should work at ata 133.

however, dont expect to notice the difference as you probably wont.

  skaria 21:28 12 Jan 05

the motherboard i think is reasonably new as it is a dell dimension 8250, dec 2002. Thats a good idea to use the old 80gb one as a slave, but would that be a problem as the maxtor says ata/133 and the old seagate hd says ata/100. By the way, what does all this ata/133/100 mean. Thank You. Shamil

  skaria 21:30 12 Jan 05

paperman27, how can i find out if my motherboar supports ata 133? I think I have an ide cable already. Thanks for the quick response.

  skaria 22:22 12 Jan 05

i dont have a motherboard manual as i bought the pc through dell, although i believe i have the intel chipset 850E. Thanks

  skaria 23:38 12 Jan 05

any thoughts??????????

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