AA A to B Journey Planner

  stm 00:14 26 Mar 04

I had this program on my pc but lost it when I upgraded to a new machine. I originally got it with a magazine. Anyone know where I can get it now?????

  SANTOS7 00:55 26 Mar 04

have you thought of useing online planners such
as click here or click here, the latest edition of journey planner i have seen only goes up to windows 2000 if you have upgraded your machine and its running xp home/pro it may not work

  SANTOS7 00:57 26 Mar 04

sorry first link should read click here

  stm 08:45 26 Mar 04

I have but I prefer to use A to B just for directions as its very quick.

  Diodorus Siculus 08:48 26 Mar 04

You may see it on cover disks now and again; otherwise some shope have CDRoms with it available for a fiver or so at times. 'Can't be certain when I last saw it though.

  Pesala 08:52 26 Mar 04

It is on a PC Advisor disk titled "AA Caravan and Campsites in Britain and Europe." The AA AtoB Route Planning Software is included.

Send me an email.

  Pesala 09:11 26 Mar 04

It allows you to calculate journey costs, and sets the distance in kilometres or miles. That is about it.

This is the result of planning a route from Oxford to Hemel Hempstead.

Acc Dist Road Route Oxford, Oxon

3.1 3.1 A420 Headington Roundabout

7.5 4.4 A40 Jct A40/A418/M40

22.8 15.3 A418 Aylesbury

37.8 15.0 A41 Jct A41/A4251

39.0 1.2 A4251 Jct A4146/A4251

39.6 0.6 A4146 Hemel Hempstead

Acc = accumulated distance. Dist = distance from last road junction.

  Sethhaniel 09:22 26 Mar 04

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