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A7V8X & cpu speed

  cybart 17:51 18 Jan 03
  cybart 17:51 18 Jan 03

I recently bought the above motherboard (ASUS)
I have a xp2000 processor which is supposed to run at 1677mhz but i cannot get/understand how to get the bios to set it faster than 1250mhz,
If i do it just refuses to boot telling me ive done something wrong, It took asus a week to respond, telling me to set the cpu speed to 266mhz. cant figure it out.
anyone know about setting up ASUS motherboards/award bios

  Rayuk 18:10 18 Jan 03

In the bios under Advanced select cpu frequency to 133

  cybart 18:48 18 Jan 03

I cannot set the cpu to 133 mhz
the options range from 100/33- 227/45
the manual tells you that these are the bus frequency(external frequency) multiplied by the bus multiple equals the cpu speed.
then you have the memory frequency which i have tried at 266 & 333 as i have 333mhz ddr
i must admit that i do not understand this all, as my previous motherboard bios did all this automatically.

  Rayuk 19:06 18 Jan 03

Bus multiple is 12.5 x 100 = 1250MHz as displayed should be 12.5 x 133 = 1662 MHz
The memory is double date as you have 333 you should set it to 166[the 266 is set to 133]

  cybart 11:11 19 Jan 03

after getting nowhere trying everything i swapped the processor with an xp2100 in my other computer and its working fine at 1733mhz (close enough), my xp2000 is working fine in the other computer , so : job done.
thankyou for your help.

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