A7N8X Deluxe Cmos Battery?

  poogles_uk 10:05 16 Aug 04

The majority of times i start up my computer i have to rechange all the bios settings due to a cmos failure/error or something, and all the defaults have been loaded. This can be when ive turned it off at the mains after shutdown / or in a powercut when not in use, or just after a normal shutdown. Is the battery on its way out, as ive only had it 8 months, and ive know these to last many years (my 233 has had the same for the last 4 years +) If i change it and still have the same problems what should i do?

  alan227 10:17 16 Aug 04

If you have brought the computer it should be under a warranty so get them to sort it out.

  €dstowe 11:03 16 Aug 04

Check that the CMOS reset jumper is placed in the correct position. If it is set wrongly it will continually reset the BIOS and also discharge the battery.

Note also that dud batteries are not uncommon - ones that last a few months only. I've had two at various times.

  poogles_uk 11:21 16 Aug 04

Well, it doesn't do it everytime, but quite often, yes it is still under warranty i presume. I will check the jumper when i go home, and try another battery.

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