A3 printers

  bigger g 10:59 20 Jun 03

i am looking to but an A3 printer. my selection is down to Canon i9100 bubble jet or Epson Photo 2100 can anyone give me advise on quality for both
thanks graham

  Agent Smith 11:09 20 Jun 03

Go along to your local computer store and see if they will give you a demo.

  Dr. Charles 11:43 20 Jun 03

I have the Epsom Stylus Photo 2100 and its been good. The cartridges are small compared to A4 which makes it quite expensive to run as its A3. Technically its a very advanced printer. I like mine



  bigger g 19:00 20 Jun 03

has anyone used a canon A3 i9100 printer.
thanks graham

  Bodi 20:07 20 Jun 03

I have an HP 1220C - PS and find it spot on. Rugged, economical and does everything I require of it, (including photographic files) plus does my son's CAD sheets too.


  Bandy 23:01 20 Jun 03

I agree completely with Bodi.

I use an HP1220C and its certainly the best inkjet I've used.

Technical drawings are excellent and photo reproduction very good.

  Bandy 23:03 20 Jun 03

Forgot to add its also very quiet

  Bodi 08:22 21 Jun 03

I forgot to mention that too and it IS quiet. Whisper quiet - can print out stuff at dead of night without disturbing anyone! lol


  Derek 08:36 21 Jun 03

I have to agree that the HP 1220C is a great machine. It's good in "fast" mode exceptional in photo work. A3 is a snip together with many features such as tiling, special folds etc.
Cartridge costs are very reasonable if you use the Eurojet Remanufactured.
I've had it's predecessor the C2000 and the C2500 and they were good too.
You'll find that Hp support are devoted to the 1220C user.
I do a great deal of printing for charity.

  shifty 19:59 21 Jun 03

Just got myself a HP 1220cps for 199.99 at PC World, reduced from £269.99. Well impressed with the quality, and I'am using it mainly for photographic printing.

I have the older model of HP printer, the 1120C. Has been faultless in the last 3 years. When and if it dies I will get the new HP model.

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