a2 version 3 finding extra cookies

  jolorna 11:10 08 Jun 07

since a2 was updated to version 3 its saying 12 cookies instead of 2 has anybody else found this, also i notice that when you change the setting to uk english instead of the default us english it reverts to a2 2.5 beta

  anskyber 11:23 08 Jun 07

No on the cookies issue, I am using Vista so it could be related to that but yes to the reversion to 2.5 Beta for the English UK. It changes back to version 3 if US is selected then UK but is back to 2.5 if the program is relaunched.

  jolorna 12:14 08 Jun 07

last time a2 gave me extra cookies was rectified after the next update but there have been a couple now and no change also i can't even find these extra cookies anywhere

  birdface 15:53 08 Jun 07

The extra cookie problem looks like it is back to normal again,I was getting 60 odd but now down to about 10.

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