A2 update

  jimv7 16:51 06 May 05

engine update and new definitions.

  kyprosman 17:23 06 May 05

Thanks. Andy

  Teaboy 18:04 06 May 05

Thanks- didded

  Buchan 35 19:29 06 May 05

Thank you

  Meshuga 20:15 06 May 05

Thank you.

  john-232317 20:28 06 May 05

gracias ;-)

  anniesboy68 20:42 06 May 05

Excuse me, but what is A2?

  jimv7 20:56 06 May 05


A2 is a free anti-trojan/malware killer.

click here

make sure that you only download the free 1.

  anniesboy68 21:11 06 May 05

jimv7.. Yes thanks m8 I thought it was. I have the program but cannot access the site for downloads for some reason despite re-installing twice. I have started a new post on this.

  Mat2 22:00 06 May 05

Cheers jimv7, thanks.

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