a2 squared

  the kopite 08:59 08 Oct 05

Hi Guys Sorry if this post is long winded but yeasterday my lovely 83 year old neighbour came to me confused and in tears she had recived a phone bill for over £300 on looking at the bill noticed there were a hell of a lot premium numbers so I ask her if I could check her computer (it is a very old mx166 with 128 mb eldo 72 memory) and the poor dear had no anti virus or mailware programs installed so I downloaded avg and spy blaster plus adaware ran adaware and found a dialler I then decided as a added precaution to put a2 squared on as well but although the program installed fine and ran a scan I can not update it. It goes to the update page then in German it states Feihler bei Einfugev von Richtedit dtt.zeile? and will not update on closing the program windows comes up with illegal opperation any ideas guys and thank you if you stuck with this post Kopite

  VoG II 09:06 08 Oct 05
  spuds 11:56 08 Oct 05

If your neighbour is on a BT line, then get her or someone 'neighbourly' to telephone BT on 0800 222 299 click here for further help regarding the dialler problems. Further help and advice can be obtained from ICSTIS click here

  spuds 11:58 08 Oct 05

Sorry typo error with BT link, try click here

  the kopite 16:30 08 Oct 05

Thanks vog the link was very useful but I decided as she only has a 8gb hard drive to take a squared off and leave spybot and the bt privacy on line link spuds posted thanks spuds call this closed and thanks agai vog and spud she will be relived I know kopite

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