98SE or 2000??

  alexgray104 23:03 20 Jan 07


I am currently re-vamping an old computer for a friend so it can do broadband internet and letters etc (no music or digital video or anything like that). Anyway, the current spec is P2 233mhz CPU, 64mb RAM, 5gb HardDisk and Win98 first edition.

I plan on adding a further 128mb Memory bringing it up to 192mb and installing a legit copy of Windows 2000. Does this sound ok or a new hdd aswell??

Also do you think I should sacrifice compatibility for speed and go for 98se? (the lowest OS blueyonder b/b will work on)


  p;3 23:09 20 Jan 07

of curiosity, what do you mean by 'a legit copy' of windows?

  alexgray104 23:11 20 Jan 07

Legal copy with COA sticker and reg'd with MS. The current 98 first edition has no sticker, but I don't know whether they did them back then, or whether the COA was on a user manual, which I don't have.

  Strawballs 23:14 20 Jan 07

click here according to this site for 2000 you need a min PII 400MHZ

  alexgray104 23:21 20 Jan 07

I think that may be just for that particular program / piece of equipment, according to

click here

the minimum is only 133mhz. I can appreciate it is going to be slow still but I don't know how to upgrade the older slot-type processors (looks like a stick of RAM with cooler attached)

Cheers for reply.

  alexgray104 23:21 20 Jan 07

Beta - beat me to it!

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