9000+ firewall intrusions in 2 days

  dagbladet 22:15 20 Nov 06

Was having one or two problems with my router so checked the firewall (ZA) while looking at the blocked intrusions feature the number was going up as I watched. 1000, 1020, 1046, 1073 and so on. In 2 days it's now up to 9185 blocked intrusions including 420 'high rated'. I've run Spybot, adaware, ewido, AVG (AV and Spy) and apart from the usual adware stuff nothing unusual. Is this normal?

  skidzy 22:23 20 Nov 06

Do you have windows messenger active,its possible your ipaddress is being pinged by scammers etc.

  dagbladet 22:26 20 Nov 06

The kids use MSN messenger. But haven't been on it for a few days

  skidzy 22:31 20 Nov 06

Is Messenger setup to auto signin when the pc boots up ?

  dagbladet 22:47 20 Nov 06

No. Just AV and firewall on start up.

  skidzy 22:54 20 Nov 06

Check that ZA is set to:

Firewall Main is set to Stealth

Trusted Zone Medium

  dagbladet 23:36 20 Nov 06

Skidzy, set.

  Snec 00:13 21 Nov 06

Your ports are being scanned all the time and this is perfectly normal. Servers and routers will be constantly scanning to see if your connection is live. They have to do this to ensure that webpages and downloads that you call up are delivered to your IP and that your IP is still active.

  dagbladet 09:36 21 Nov 06


That's what I was wondering. If I hadn't been fiddling with the router problem I would never have looked at the firewall intrusion stats, therefore I had no idea if this was normal or not. On the plus side over 9000 attempted intrusions blocked by ZA.


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