£90 refurbed pcs

  howard64 18:49 29 Oct 09

Last week I clicked on a link and was taken to a site selling refurbed office dell pc's complete with flat screen monitor for £90. I pointed this out to somebody who has now asked me to see if they still have any. Did anyone else see who it was and if so can they point me to it please the memory is not as good as it used to be.

  sidecar sid 19:00 29 Oct 09

Not Dell but it may be of interest.
click here

  howard64 19:23 29 Oct 09

thanks sidecar sid very interesting could be useful if I cannot find the other one. - cheers

  howard64 06:51 30 Oct 09

anyone else seen the link?

  Terry Brown 08:22 30 Oct 09

I do not know if this is Dell, but they advertise in our local paper every week.(Tilbury)

computer Pentium 4
Fast machine plus flatscreen,keyboard,optical mouse ideal Facebook,ebay. etc.
Free delivery
01268 766649


  Terry Brown 08:23 30 Oct 09

Forgot to add price £95

  rdave13 08:37 30 Oct 09

Is this the site? click here

  howard64 08:43 30 Oct 09

thanks all - rdave13 that looks like it - cheers

  ambra4 10:44 30 Oct 09


The Dell GX260 Intel P4 512MB & 15" TFT Monitor is a excellent computer but there is

one problem with these unit

The motherboard clock will not keep the date or time, you will have to set the date and time

every time you start or reboot the unit

The way around is to install Atomzeit and set it up to synchronize the PC with the atom time

clock which will set the date and time every time the computer is started or reboot

Would also suggest that you upgrade the memory to 1 GB

I have install over 30 units for a company and all have the same problem

Now working fine since installing Atomzeit


click here

  howard64 18:00 30 Oct 09

thanks for that ambra4 very worth knowing. Cheers

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