9 Gigs of hard drive short

  StellaArtois63 20:13 19 Nov 03

I love playing on computers but my knowledge of them is minimal. I have just purchased my latest dell PC which is supposed to have 120gigs of hard drive space.When I looked in "my computer" for something and I noticed it only showed I had 111 gigs, my previous PC was supposed to have had 40 but only had 37. Now before I ring Dell to ask where it is and make my self look like a plank, I ask you guys are they selling me short or is it hidden else were.Thanks

  ©®@$? 20:15 19 Nov 03

i think thats normal, as you seem to loose 2gb space evry 20gb

someone with techinical jargon will tell you why, i havn't got it in me tonight

something to do with the way hardrives calcalate data and windows?

you've not been robbed!

  leo49 20:17 19 Nov 03

I wish I had £1 for every time this question got asked..

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  powerless 20:18 19 Nov 03

The reported size of 111 gigs is correct.

There are two ways to make up a Kilobyte.


or 1024 bytes

Do the maths and you'll see that each way will give a different figure. The manufacturer is using one way and Windows the other.

(me hesitated)

  powerless 20:18 19 Nov 03

nearly right :-(

  porci 20:32 19 Nov 03

leo49 - If you gonna moan about it, dont reply. Some people dont know how to search a forum. You are doing this voluntarily

  BeForU 21:00 19 Nov 03

thats strange cause i have a 120gb hard drive and though its reported to have 123.3gb on the back of the drive itself, its registered as 115gb on my computer! and yes this is a normal thing but i dont know what i got 4gbs more than you have lol!

  Psiman 21:00 19 Nov 03

Well said.
Bits, bytes and base 8 are confusing concepts for newcomers and as it's fundamental to computing it's bound to be an oft asked question.

  StellaArtois63 22:40 19 Nov 03

Thanks for your help every body looks like I won't ring dell now. May ring Nissan up and find out if my car is really an 1800 though lol.

  temp003 04:50 20 Nov 03

The capacity shown on the back of your hard drive is the actual number of bytes available (even though it's marketed as a 120GB disk). Always divide the hdd manufacturer's number in GB by 1.024 three times, and you'll get Windows' value in GB. Your manufacturer's 123.3GB translates to 114.8GB in Windows.

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