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80Gig Drive??????

  Dazed&Confuzed 01:36 22 Apr 03

I've recently bought an 80gig drive to run as a slave for extra storage. When I try to run Fdisk it says that the drive only has a 12gig capacity but on checking the CMOS it says I have an 80Gig drive. I'm running Windows 98se and was wondering if it recognised drives of this size??
Somebody help!!!!

  jeez 01:43 22 Apr 03

check if your partition is using 100% of the available space by using the fdisk command and selecting view partition information. if it's not there's your problem, just use fdisk to create a new partition to use the rest of the drive's space.
I'm pretty sure win98 will support drives this size what size is bieng reported in my computer (highliting the drive should bring up the total disk space in the left hand pane)

  Dazed&Confuzed 01:48 22 Apr 03

Fdisk is using 100% for the extended partition and the logical drive, still confused!!!

  jeez 01:56 22 Apr 03

you say extended partition, I can't be 100% certain but I think you have to have a primary partition to have an extended one. If this is the case it may be hidden (certain operations,etc can hide a partition) do you have the ability to transfer the contents of the drive to the master and delete and re-partition. also what is the specs of your system? some older bios's won't support large drives although this seem's not to be the case because cmos is reporting an 80gb drive it might still be worth checking if a bios update is available for your system.

  Megatyte 04:01 22 Apr 03

Was the drive new? If so then there should be no partitions defined. If you bought the drive second hand then run Fdisk and systematically delete all partitions and then create a primary DOS partition of maximum size and active.

If the drive was new and you think that you may have made a mistake with Fdisk then do as above.

If the drive is new and un-partioned then just create a primary DOS partition as active

Once the drive is partitioned you must re-boot and then format for the drive to become active.


  Megatyte 09:45 22 Apr 03

Of course, you don't need to make the partition active.


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