8 GB USB Stick only showing 4 GB of memory

  George5162 19:25 06 Mar 08

I have an 8 GB intrgral USB stick and I used the HP Drive Key Boot Utility to make it bootable. Now Windows Explorer says that my USB stick has only 4 GB of memory. I have tried formatting the drive but the memory is still 4 GB. IS there a way to recover the missing 4 GB of memory?

  acein1 19:35 06 Mar 08

where did you buy it from? i think there is a fair chance that it is not 8gb and never was, there are so many of these on "ebay" and elswhere that are fakes

  George5162 17:08 07 Mar 08

I am sure that this was an 8GB memory stick because Windows Explorer showed that there was 8GB before I formatted it with the HP Drive Key Boot Utility so I think that the HP Drive Key Boot Utility was probably only designed for memory sticks up to 4GB.

  Totally-braindead 17:21 07 Mar 08

You might be right in your assumption.

I take it you tried the latest version of the software in case it has been updated? Mind you I had a look at the website and found no mention of the 4 gig limit.

There is a 4 gig limit in 32 bit systems and Windows 2000 is a 32 bit system, that places a 4 gig limit on RAM and this includes the memory on a memory card. So I think its this thats the problem. I think that windows thinks the pen drive is RAM and can only see 4 gig.

If my guess is right then the only idea I have is to try to see if you can create a partition so that you can have 2 x 4 gig units.

  Totally-braindead 17:21 07 Mar 08

ALternatively try emailing HP.

  George5162 19:03 08 Mar 08

How do I create a partition with 2 x 4 gig units?

  Totally-braindead 19:19 08 Mar 08

My pen drive is not that big but I think you can do it in Disk Management.
Right click My Computer and goto Manage and you'll see theres a section marked Disk Management.

I would wait till others answer as I have not tried this personally and am unsure as to whether it works ok and if it causes any problems.

I wouldn't want you to muck things up on my sayso is what I mean.

Theres quite a few programs that say they can do this but again I don't personally know which ones are any good.

  T0SH 19:43 08 Mar 08

If you used some HP utility to make the USB stick bootable then the files needed to do this will be hidden along with any other utilities like a bootable cutdown Linux OS maybe ? could explain where your other 4 gig went ?

Try running that HP utility again it may well offer you a removal method

Cheers HC

  brundle 20:49 08 Mar 08

When you formatted did you choose FAT32 or NTFS?

  Peter 02:18 09 Mar 08


If you have formatted as FAT32 there will be a single file size limit of just under 4GB, but you should still be able to see all of the 8GB. Partitioning to 2 x 4GB may be the answer. Also a previous question on this subject may help - see click here


  George5162 11:42 09 Mar 08

I have checked Disk Management and the drive shows 3.68 GB formatted as FAT32 and 4.00 GB unallocated. How do I recover the unallocated space? Do I need to format the drive as NTFS?

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