7" tablet with wi-fi dongle .

  shaun.t 24 Feb 13

Hello Everybody , I am looking to purchase a 7" tablet as a present and can't seem to find one that can be used with a wi-fi dongle . Can anybody help me with problem ?

  wiz-king 24 Feb 13

Why would you want a dongle? Most tablets have built in wireless.

  shaun.t 24 Feb 13

Thanks for your promp reply wiz-king .

I travel alot for work and most digs i stay in don't have broadband and the last thing i want to do at the end of the day is go out and find a hotspot .

  bremner 24 Feb 13

Buy a tablet with 3g built in like the Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 or IPad Mini to name but two.

  mgmcc 24 Feb 13

The alternative is to get one of these MiFi devices, which connect to the 3G network and operate as a Wireless Router. You can then connect wirelessly to it from a Tablet, Netbook, Laptop etc to get online.

This is what I use with a WiFi-only iPad.

  siouxah1 24 Feb 13

There is an 8inch tablet that will take a 3G dongle. The Archos 80 G9. You will have to purchase the special dongle for it,cost about £40. 3G sims are available on Amazon. They are reasonably priced.

Canyou tether to your smartphone?

  shaun.t 25 Feb 13

Hi siouxah1 , i can tether to my smart phone . would that give me a choice of tablets ?

  siouxah1 25 Feb 13

Shaun. The phone will act in a similar way to the mifi as per mgmcc. It is set up quite easily and will emit an identity of your choosing. This is seen by your tablet enabling you to connect via wifi.

I use this method with a Nexus 7. So any wifi equipment should be useable. Be aware that not all phone providers will allow/like this. Check with your provider. One would also need to be aware of bandwidth usage.

  shaun.t 26 Feb 13

Hi siouxah1 , Thanks again for your information , it was most helpful .

  shaun.t 27 Feb 13

Is there anybody else who knows any other (cheaper) tablets that i can tether my smartphone to for an internet connection ?

  HenryF75 27 Feb 13

I have a Coby 7042 tablet which connects to the inernet through a TP -LINK 3G router and dongle which I already had.Both tablet and couter can be purchased for about 100 pounds if you shop around.


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