7" Netbook - demo expired

  denis93 21:26 PM 04 Jan 13

i am awaiting arrival of this in the post,http://www.amazon.co.uk/Notebook-Sandwich-Processor-supported-Compatible/dp/B0090463E4/ref=cmpdprevitmtitle_3,and i am worried after having read this review,Tonight I was messing about and got a message in the middle of the screen saying:

"Demo version has expired"

in bright red italic script in the middle of a grey rectangle that covers the middle of the screen. The rectangle is darker than the rest of the screen, but you can see through it, so the machine isn't technically completely unusable, just very uncomfortable to use. It is about a week since I first turned it on, so maybe it's timed something out, but one week of use is not right.

Hopefully it will sort itself out, but I certainly don't know how. I can't recommend the netbook if it only lasts a week. anybody here on pc advisor know how to fix this?

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 22:06 PM 04 Jan 13

You could always wipe it and restore Android to it. Having read the reviews I don't think I would bother myself.

  lotvic 22:09 PM 04 Jan 13

Maybe the person who wrote that review, 'Demo version has expired' had been sent one that been used to display the product in stores. Hopefully yours won't be :)

  denis93 23:42 PM 04 Jan 13

thank you both,for your replys :-)


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