7950gt sli or 7950 gx2

  bikerboyz 11:02 30 Oct 06

would 7950gt in sli perform better or the single 7950 gx2,i cannot find any comparison on the net
appreciate anyone sharing the info

  anskyber 11:10 30 Oct 06

Does this interactive site help? click here

  bikerboyz 11:19 30 Oct 06

in single mode only cant find the sli result

  vinnyT 13:12 30 Oct 06

This is from memory, so don't sue me.

The 7950gt is a tweaked version of the 7900gt and so should run faster than the 7900gt,

Whereas the 7950gt x2 has two chips that run slightly slower than the 7900gt, due to heat probs. with the 2 chips so close.

If you were planning on running just one card (or quad), the 7950gt x2 is the better buy.

Two 7950gt cards run in sli are faster than one 7950 x2 card, but is more expensive and you've used both sli ports for two cards. In time, when the software is written for it, if you want quad you'll have to ditch both cards and buy two 7950gt x2.

You should also check that the games you are interested in benefit from sli, not all do.

Remember, directX10 is due shortly with the new directX10 compatable cards, do you want to spend so much money on cards due to be outdated in 1-2 months (and the 7950 class cards will drastically fall in price when directX10 comes out), it may be worth waiting a couple of months.

Hope this helps and makes some sense.

  citadel 19:06 30 Oct 06

I would not get a dx9 card when dx10 is out november. Don't know if its true but there is a rumour the mid range dx10 cards are going to be as fast as an x1900xt.

  bikerboyz 09:20 31 Oct 06

i wait until dx10

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