720c Printer Problem

  CFC23 05 Dec 11

I have an old 720C HP printer that still works very well on my XP desktop with parallel connection but I wanted to use it with my Windows7 laptop. I bought a USB to parallel cable and to my surprise it found a driver and I was able to print from the laptop. But when I use the laptop elseware and then reconnect to the printer,it starts to print but stops after one line. If I delete the printer and start over again it will print,but then refuses to go past first line the next time I try. I found a link about a patch for this problem but that was for 64 bit and is not needed and should not be used for 32 bit Windows7 which is what I have on my laptop. Any suggestions please?

  SparkyJack 06 Dec 11

This would appear to be a driver software issue.

After XP the printer manufacturers and Microsoft had issues with drivers for Vista/and 7 which have even how not been fully resolved- especially with older printers such as your HP.

The HP web site will advise you whether of not there is a driver for that machine.

I suspect however you will be advised to buy a new printer for Christmas

  CFC23 06 Dec 11

Yes thanks SparkyJack,HP site says driver for this printer is in Windows7 which it is. It's just annoying that it stops working in the way I have described. I also have HP 7350 printer and HP site suggests using a driver for a different printer, a 5550, I downloaded this and after following HP instructions works o.k. The makers have no reason to devote time and money to old printers they would like you to buy a new one as you suggest. I just thought it was worth a question in case others had got over this problem.

  Woolwell 06 Dec 11

A 720C brings back memories. It must be over 10 years old and regrettably with W7 time for pension. It was a good printer in its day.

  CFC23 07 Dec 11


Yes it was and is a good printer,it works perfectly from my XP desktop (that's long in the tooth also,original Eveshams were made to last!) via parallel cable. It also works when it wants to from laptop via USB to parallel cable. It is clearly a driver problem with many having a similar problem on HP forum.

I agree it needs to go and is indeed well over 10 years old but in this throw away society and having some time I thought it was worth trying to sort it out.

  SparkyJack 13 Dec 11

If you have time and inclination you could simply go the 'Install Printer route selecting HP and then running through all models close to the one in question

You might get lucky.

I beleive the code [escape mechanisim] is similar in all cases and the difference simply allows for individual printer attributes - 4 coluur or 6 colour and so forth.

  CFC23 13 Dec 11

Sparky Jack,

Yes I was able to get my Photosmart 7350 working by downloading a driver from HP for a different printer just as you suggest.This was from HP support but strange thing is that the 720c is much older but windows 7 found a driver with none of this kidology.

New printer on the way!


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