7200RPM worth extra over 5400? [writing data and

  AL47 22:01 17 Aug 10

my first 1.5TB backup drive is now full, so im looking for a second

ive found that 1.5tb is the best price point for £/GB

ill be using the drive for writing data [50GB+ at a time], this is the most demanding aspect, the other functions are superficial [such as playing, reading and storing blu ray ISOs]

so im looking for a quick WRITE drive, im just not sure if rotational speed is the biggest factor, all internet searches point to notebook use


  northumbria61 22:37 17 Aug 10

A 7200rpm disk will read/write about 25% faster so up to you. Whether that's a real difference will depend upon your usage and how much time you'll really save

  northumbria61 22:40 17 Aug 10

5400 are usually found in notebooks

  AL47 23:38 17 Aug 10

if its 25% then yes its probably worth it, didnt realise that literally the rotation speed is proportional to the write speed. that would explain why my velociraptor is not only faster at access but at writes too, its 10'000RPM

looks like i may go for a ST31500341AS unless anyone has other thoughts?

  AL47 23:38 17 Aug 10

there are alot of 5400RPM silent/eco drives about for desktops

  northumbria61 08:25 18 Aug 10

Interesting or Confusing ? - click here

  northumbria61 08:30 18 Aug 10

ST31500341AS - 32MB cache - 3yr Warranty - EBuyer probably the cheapest.

  chris@starvf.com 08:41 18 Aug 10

sure,RPM is the biggest factor,if you want the fastest writing rate,it seem you should use SCSI interface harddisk

  interzone55 08:43 18 Aug 10

How are you connecting the drive.

If it's going in a NAS enclosure then you won't see much difference between 5,400 & 7,200 as the windows file sharing system overheads will be the main bottleneck.

If you want ultimate speed then find a USB3 enabled enclosure, some of these come with a USB3 PCI-e card for your PC.

  northumbria61 11:51 18 Aug 10

RPM + Cache Size - you have chosen 32MB which is very good. SSD are now becoming popular but for a 1.5TB you will need another mortgage at the moment.

  DieSse 15:10 18 Aug 10

alan14 has asked the most important question - how will you be connecting it?

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