6800GT....too hot??

  Dee.... 02:41 27 Dec 04

Hi guys, I was wondering if you could give me a some advice. I got my new PC this week - AMD64 3400+, 1Gb DDR400 & 6800GT graphics card. My problem is that when I play the likes of "Far Cry" my GFX card temperature rised from around 75 oC to 102 oC!! This is causing me some concern as the "core slowdown threshold" is 120 oC. I am afraid of damaging my 6800GT. I am not a tech head and I am wondering if I should contact the shop that built the machine and tell them to install extra cooling features or am I worrying over nothing...is this normal? Any help would be greatly appreciated.

  AndySD 03:11 27 Dec 04

What make is the card and which program are you using to read the temp of the card?

  Dee.... 04:23 27 Dec 04

It is made by Sparkle. I am going into the settings by right clicking on the desktop, and going into the Nvidia display, the temperature is under "temperature settings".

  AndySD 04:48 27 Dec 04


After checking arround it looks to me like 75 is ok but 102 is just getting too high (even though 120 is the cut off) If it was mine I would certainly be getting extra cooling. (but just to complicate things the temp readings are not always accurate)

My best advice contact the shop and let them check it. Remember if you phone then immediatly confirm the call with a letter. This will help cover you if things go wrong later.

  Dee.... 18:49 27 Dec 04

AndySD, thanks very much for helping me. I will phone the shop on Wednesday and tell them they will need to add extra cooling to the machine. Thanks again for the advice.

  BITS&BOBS 20:10 27 Dec 04

My 6800GT 256MB overclocked to 400/1.1ghz is only 54c idol and 70c Full load DOOM3 Ultra High all on hours of play.

The core shutdown on a 6800 GT is 120c but you should be getting no where near that @ stock frequencies , also it has nothing to do with your case temp as that card is just running way to hot, and you would have to have an ambient temp of around 60-70c to effect the card.

Another case fan will be no help here.

If I were you I would want at least a new card as at those temp's it wont last half as long as it should.

  Dee.... 15:12 29 Dec 04

Bits&Bobs, thanks for the advice. Having looked around a bit myself I was thinking that extra cooling features would not bring the card down "that much". Playing Pro Evo 4 it is running at around 94-95c and as I said FarCry is around 102-104c!! I haven't even tried Half life 2 yet, there would probably just be a big cloud of smoke!! It is at 73c now with an ambient temp of 54c, and I'm not even doing anything!! I think I am going to insist on them installing a new card AND adding extra cooling....thanks for the replies.

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