64 bit upgrade

  Linkslade 20:56 29 Dec 10

I have a Medion laptop with 4g ram and 500g hdd.(32bit)
They have also included a CD with a facility to upgrade to a 64bit system.
If I choose to do this I have been warned to back up all my files and settings.
My question is:- I have a full back up of the 32bit on Acronis TI. If I go ahead and install the 64bit option will the Acronis back up install OK on the new 64 bit system?

All advice appreciated.

  robin_x 21:01 29 Dec 10

You can 'mount' your image can't you? Then browse it. Bit of a hassle doing it that way.

I think you will be fine though.

Watch out that your modem/wireless/router and printer have 64 bit drivers.

  Linkslade 22:10 29 Dec 10

Thanks for that.

Knew about the printer.....but not about the router. It's a BT Home Hub 2 so I think it'll be OK.
It'd be nice if I could be sure that the Acronis full back up will copy over OK.

  ams4127 22:48 29 Dec 10

I'm pretty sure that Acronis will copy over for you. Have you tried their forums?

BT HomeHub 2 works fine regardless of what flavour system you are using.

What is your printer? You should have no trouble with drivers for any of them.

  Linkslade 07:55 30 Dec 10

Thanks for your reply.

I'll have a look on the Acronis website and see if there is anything relevant.

  Ibanez2010 09:09 30 Dec 10

Your router does NOT need drivers.

  bremner 09:10 30 Dec 10

As has been said you must not "install the Acronis" once you have changed your system to 64 bit otherwise you will reinstall your 32 bit version.

The Acronis image can be mounted which will then let you copy the bits that you want over. Note that this can only be files not programs.

  Linkslade 17:22 30 Dec 10

Thanks for your advice fellas.

I'll ensure that I make a copy of the PC on Acronis after I upgrade.

  howard64 17:36 30 Dec 10

When I installed W7 64bit a lot of the progs I use would not install even with compatibility mode. I then did a 32bit install and got them all working. If you have older progs you might have to go back to 32bit.

  gengiscant 17:43 30 Dec 10

I have recently installed Windows 7 64 Bit, have had no trouble with programs printers,bar a very old canon,cameras etc etc.
Runs very smoothly,I think better than the 32 Bit version. But I do have the extra RAM.

  Linkslade 19:05 30 Dec 10

Very good advice from all and very much appreciated.

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