64 bit processors

  Viv-208691 16:47 29 Feb 04

I'm considering buying the Dell Inspiron 8600 (currently third in PC Advisor power notebook chart). It has the new centrino chip which high on my demand list but the best buy Evesham has an athlon 64chip. Should i be worried about the centrino (32bit) chip going out of date and therefore in the future being unable to run 64bit programs? Or will I be able to upgrage this laptop without too many problems? Please help, I can't decide which one i want to buy!!!


  Diodorus Siculus 17:00 29 Feb 04

No great advantage of 64 bit processors as little software is optimised for it - certainly with the general use that most people make of PCs at the current time.

  Viv-208691 17:03 29 Feb 04

Ok, thanks, but what about in a year say? I know that conputer technology is constantly getting outdated but is a 64 bit processor going to be a 'must' before too long? Will you be able to get 64bit centrino equivalents sonn?

Thanks for your time

  GANDALF <|:-)> 17:54 29 Feb 04

64 bit is only really useful for large networks...and even this is debatable. Unless you plan upgrading to a Dell server + 400 workstations I would not worry. If you are reeeeeally into gaming you should start looking at Nitrogen cooling and $Gb RAM rather than worry about 64bit.

Computer technology may be perceived to be moving in leaps and bounds but a 350Mhz processor will still open Photochop 7 about as fast as a 3200 and windows 95 still is a s good as XP for word processing.

There is much admiration of the Emperor's new clothes in computerland.


  GANDALF <|:-)> 17:55 29 Feb 04

Ahem, for $Gb replace with 4Gb. New technology still can't stop grammatical hoots.


  Viv-208691 20:56 29 Feb 04

thankyou gandalf oh wise wizzard
stay safe

  blendit 21:09 29 Feb 04

After noting the 800 word limit, i have decided to keep it short yet informative. I would always go for the 64 bit as it is twice the size which has got to be a good sign. My next piont which i consider a valid one is that even a wizard appears to be confuzzled by it and finally the emporors new clothes are not relevant i feel!

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