60GB HDD mistaken for 30GB

  Charence 18:53 24 Apr 04


My NEC computer which is 4 years old now has recently had its HDD, Motherboard and PSU replaced. The replacement motherboard is a MSI PIII 1.1b model, which is a downgrade from the original 1.2a model.

When CMOS is running at startup, it detects the WD600 Hard drive, however, says it is 30GB when it is 60GB. I have tried changing the jumper configurations but that did not solve the problem because none of the other settings worked. What could be wrong?

Another problem is that CMOS says the RAM is 270MB. I have installed a 64MB and 256MB SDRAM card on the motherboard, which should be a total of 320MB not 270MB.

Any ideas greatly appreciated!!



  Diodorus Siculus 19:12 24 Apr 04

HDD - possibly your BIOS has a 30GB limit - check the mobo manual for details of the BIOS and it's limitations.

RAM - something to do with shared memory for graphics - do you have onboard graphics (rather than a seperate graphics card)?

  Charence 19:29 24 Apr 04

I have separate graphics card in the PCI slot. It does not share its memory with the motherboard.

Would I be able to upgrade the BIOS?


  Diodorus Siculus 19:43 24 Apr 04

BIOS upgrades are possible, but not recommended unless you are sure that they are necessary. Maybe someone else will have a suggestion first.

  Smiler 19:46 24 Apr 04

Cannot find an MSI PIII 1.1b motherboard on the MSI site. What exactly is the the motherboard it should be on the front of the motherboard manual.

  Smiler 19:48 24 Apr 04

While your at it have you tried putting the RAM in different slots to see if it is recognised

  Charence 19:51 24 Apr 04

Sorry about the lack of information in my first post. It is a MSI MS6119 1.1 BX2 motherboard.

I have tried putting the RAM into the 3rd slot but that makes it even worse, the card is not even recognised when I do that! Could it be broken?



  Charence 20:24 24 Apr 04

If I download the BIOS update, when I format the HDD will the update still be there or will it revert back to the previous BIOS version?


  R4 20:38 24 Apr 04

If you dowload a BIOS update you should copy it to a Floppy with the Bios loading program.

If you format the HDD ALL data will be lost on the HDD

  temp003 03:14 25 Apr 04

Before you flash the BIOS, make sure you've got the right motherboard model and version number.

The MS-6119 on the MSI site is listed under Slot 1 (Pentium 2), but you said you have a Pentium 3 system? click here

Please double check first before you flash the BIOS.

There are BIOS updates for larger hdd support for MS-6119. click here Just download the latest BIOS which will include all previous versions' functions.

Download the right BIOS update file to anywhere on your computer. Create a new folder under C called "BIOS" so you get a C:\BIOS folder. Then double click the downloaded file. When asked where to extract to, click Browse, and select C:\BIOS folder. Click Unzip. Then click Close. Open the C:\BIOS folder and double click the ReadMe.txt file. Read the instructions carefully, and print it out if necessary.

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