6 month trial Office 2007

  Newuser38 12:14 09 Feb 07

The April PCA with this on the DVD has just arrived.
I am currently running the beta version with upgrades that allow me to use it until 31 March. If I install the 6 month trial version what does it do to the beta2 special version and work in progress? Also could I run the betaspecial until 31 Mar and then instal the 6month trial for 6 months.

I have carefully not used the 2007 Office on PCs with older versions having had trouble with 2003 when it came out. Is it necessary for PCA to warn of this so that those using XP, 2003 or even earlier versions dont have a lot of cleaning up work to do if they decide in the end to stick with their older version?

  Newuser38 12:20 09 Feb 07

sorry just seen this similar query different reason click here answers second part of query but not when does the 6 months start?

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 12:33 09 Feb 07

60 day not 6 months see rear of DVD.

  anskyber 12:48 09 Feb 07

Regarding the Beta version
"Yes, you do need to uninstall the Microsoft Office system Beta 2 prior to installing a Microsoft Office system Trial."

  RickyC :-) 12:51 09 Feb 07

Hi Newuser38,

as Fruit Bat /\0/\ correctly points out - it is a 60-day trial of Microsoft Office Professional 2007 which is included on the April PC Advisor DVD. The 60-day trial begins when you install the application.
Please read through the instructions prior to installing - readers who have previously installed the Beta software will need to uninstall this code and ensure that all of your documents have been saved as Microsoft Office 97-2003 documents.



Cover Disc Editor

  Newuser38 13:30 09 Feb 07

Thanks Richard the 6 months must have been wishful thinking. One point of clarification please. I only have 2007 on the PC in question so wont be able to save 97-2003 format. I suppose I had better finish the job and print it before I try the 60day trial.

  RickyC :-) 13:35 09 Feb 07

When you save, click on the Microsoft Office logo in the top left of the window, choose 'Save as' and select 'Word 97-2003 Document'.

Hope that helps.

Cover Disc Editor

  Newuser38 22:36 11 Feb 07

Thanks again Richard I will get it saved and back it up as well so it can go on another PC if need be which has Word 2000.

It was a bit foolish,really, downloading a very long legal document I needed to work on using Vista RC1 and then using 2007 Office beta to start that work. Still I can always download it again if need be, and so far Vista RC1 and Office 2007 beta 2 have worked without any hitches.

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