56k Modem to Wireless Broadband

  Jai 17:59 15 Apr 08

I have just moved house & the computer I own has an internal 56k modem. I would like to go to wireless broadband straight away (my land line gets switched on tomorrow). Am I correct in assuming I will need to buy a wireless adapter card? Plus of course the usual modem/router supplied by BT or whoever?

  woodchip 18:01 15 Apr 08

No, if you have Ethernet Lan connection in the Computer you should have all you need. Thats if you want modem near to computer

  citadel 18:18 15 Apr 08

I would use cables first to get everything working ok at the new house. you can change to wireless later when you are happy with everything.
I have just moved house and it was a nightmare to get up and running.

  Jai 18:22 15 Apr 08

I intend to plug in the modem/router to the primary phone socket & have the computer talk to the router from upstairs. Woodchip I presume that the Ethernet Lan card has to be wireless?

  Jai 17:24 16 Apr 08


  DieSse 18:10 16 Apr 08

"I presume that the Ethernet Lan card has to be wireless?"

An ethernet/lan card is for cabled ethernet only.

A wireless adapter card will be needed for wireless access, as you rightly surmised in your first post.

  woodchip 19:17 16 Apr 08

No it dons not need or wants to be wireless, as to setup a router you need to be connected with a ethernet cable from comp to router

  Jai 11:55 11 Apr 09

Solved my own Q (nearly a year late) - got a wireless router & then plugged in a USB adapter & Hey presto.

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