52Mbps wireless adapter but only running at 6Mbps

  YinHoNg 12:29 26 Jun 05

I bought this adapter, click here, a few days ago. I specifically wanted to have 54Mbps because i transfer a lot of data through my home network. However, after installing, the highest speed i'm getting is only 6Mbps!

My ADSL router is 802.11g compatible so i'm doubtful it is a compatibility problem. The only other thing i can mention is that my signal strength is only 'low'. Could this fact be limiting my speed to 6Mbps ?

Any help will be gratefully received - i hate returning products.

  De Marcus 12:32 26 Jun 05

The signal strength being low is your first indicator that speeds will drop, however 6mbps is still quite some speed, try re-locating the adaptor, perhaps higher up on the wall using a usb extension cable

  YinHoNg 12:36 26 Jun 05

Tried it but signal still not much difference. The router is 1 ceiling and 3 walls below you see.... So you think that it is impossible to get full 54Mbps speed when i'm only on low signal?

  De Marcus 13:15 26 Jun 05

Yep, low signal, low connection = reduced speed.

  YinHoNg 18:13 27 Jun 05

I've decided not to continue the hassle of trying to get it to run at 54Mbps. Just too much hassle considering that the other computer only has a 11Mbps card, which limits me to 11Mbps transfers anyway!

Thanks for all the help guys - great forum.

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