5.1 audio problems....

  TheShoopShoopSong 16:22 31 Jan 03

ok i just brought a new Asus A7N8X motherboard, and it has on board sound. I installed the drivers correctly and i rebooted. sound came out but only thhrough my front speakers, i tried chaning the settings in control panal, and by pressing the volume icon in the bottom right hand corner. Nothing seems to work. i have checked the bios for the correct setting, and that seems ok. is there anythin i am missing?

  PSF 17:01 31 Jan 03

Have you downloaded the new drivers from Nvidia.

they have new drivers for sound.

They are for Nforce boards.

WHQL certified kit for nForce and nForce2
Added nForce2 IGP support
Audio performance enhancements
SPDIF on ACI support
Adds support for audio with the ASUS A7N8X Deluxe product

click here that is for XP

  jazzypop 17:07 31 Jan 03

If you are running XP, check

Control Panel > Sounds & Audio > Speaker Settings > Advanced > Speaker Setup > 5.1 Surround sound

  -pops- 18:35 31 Jan 03

Be aware also that 5.1 sound only makes itself known if the sound source was recorded in 5.1.

Ordinary two channel stereo plays as two channel stereo.


  Djohn 18:46 31 Jan 03

As -pops- says, if the sound comes out of each speaker from the test program, then they will be working Ok.

Your 5.1 speakers will only produce sound if the source has recorded it that way. IE: Movie's and games.

You can go into the software of your sound card and select pseudo surround, then Stereo will come from all speakers.

  Rayuk 19:04 31 Jan 03

Have you connected the audio cables onto motherboard connecters correctly

  Rayuk 19:11 31 Jan 03

Also are you using the NForce Control Panel
see page 82 in manual what speakers are you using.

  TheShoopShoopSong 21:28 31 Jan 03

Page 82 in the manual?.. hmmm i dont seem to have a page 82, its grouped into sections. Are you talking about the Asus A7N8X user manual? thats the only book i have got. im using the creative 5.1 5300 speakers

  -pops- 06:35 01 Feb 03

I'm reminded by the comment from Rayuk about audio cables. I believe that 5.1 sound is only available via digital audio i.e. the IDE cable, so you don't need the analogue audio cables connected between your DVD/CD drives. You do need digital audio enabled in "drive properties" (found in Device Manager).


  Rayuk 16:39 01 Feb 03

Page82 if not that one then have you got a section for Nvidia nForce Control Panel

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