500K tiscali = 2.3mbps connection

  BIG Ben strikes 10 again! 16:22 14 Dec 04

how can this be?.i have just signed up on tiscali 500k (10x).(£25pm).and it has given me a 2.3mbps connection,also a freind has the same 2.3mbps.oh and the first time i connected to tiscali i had to dialup do i have to do this everytime i log on?.cheers.ben

  rawprawn 16:38 14 Dec 04

Yes, it's not like your old dial up modem that you can configure to connect automatically, you have to connet each time.(But of course once connected, just leave it on until you have finished for the day)

  BIG Ben strikes 10 again! 16:58 14 Dec 04

okay,cheers,but why is it 2.3mbps?.cheers.ben

  rawprawn 17:01 14 Dec 04

Where are you getting the figure 2.3mbps

  Dorsai 17:35 14 Dec 04

I have Tiscali, 3x, and My connection speed is reported when i hover my mouse pointer over the 'two screens' icon at 2.2Mbps. I Assume this is the connection speed between my PC and the USb modem, not the speed between the modem and the net.

Or it is an error in the drivers for the modem, and results in the wrong speed being reported. If i do an online speed test, it works out at the correct figure for the connection i have. Not at 2.2Mbps as reported to me by windows.

And with my alcated Modem i have it setup to automatically connect whenever a connection is required but not present.

  BIG Ben strikes 10 again! 17:43 14 Dec 04

read dorsais post,cheers dorsai

  Jackcoms 17:48 14 Dec 04

I also use Tiscali. The 2.3mbps reported is merely the maximum speed that your BB modem can achieve, NOT the speed you are achieving.

In other words, the information is pointless!

  Dorsai 17:56 14 Dec 04

True. It is pointless info. Wish i knew how to get it to report the true figure. But it is not important enough for me to have tried finding outhow.

  BIG Ben strikes 10 again! 18:03 14 Dec 04

they could be giving you a lousy 200KBPS when your paying 500kbps

  Jackcoms 18:06 14 Dec 04

Go here to find out your true speeds click here

  Dorsai 18:25 14 Dec 04

thanks, but i dont have java, and dont intend to get it. I have run tests before, and my true speed is, as i said, about what i would expect for the service i pay for.

If my speed was wrong i guess i would notice, as it is normally 3 to 8 seconds for a page here to open, depending on how busy the site is. currently running on the fast side.

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