50 Mb service is slower than my old 20 Mb one!

  1248fixx 05 Nov 10

I recently ( Monday 1st Nov) upgraded my cable broadband with Virgin from 20 to 50 Mb/Sec. However, I'm currently downloading no quicker, in fact, a bit SLOWER than the previous 20Mb/s. Spyware and virus runs have revealed nothing. But strangely, when a Virgin Media technician visited me and connected 2 laptops to the service the speed was off the scale! DL 50 MB in around 6-7 seconds or so! Is there a small chance that the network card isn't up to the job somehow?



  mgmcc 05 Nov 10

Is the "network card" a wired ethernet one or "wireless"?

If it is "wireless" and only 802.11g (54Mbps), it won't be fast enough to handle a 50Mbps broadband connection. A "wired" ethernet connection running at 100Mbps shouldn't have a problem and neither should an 802.11n "wireless" adapter running at 150Mbps or 300Mbps (in conjunction with a compatible 802.11n router).

While online, go into the Network Connections folder, double click the connection that is in use and look at the 'speed' that's shown. This will be the port speed at which the PC is connecting to the router.

  1248fixx 05 Nov 10

Thanks for the reply - the speed is showing as 100 Mbps

  mgmcc 06 Nov 10

I suspect the only way you're going to find out if it's a problem with the network adapter is to try installing another one. As the technician was able to get a full speed connection, the problem has to be with your PC. Did the tech use *your* ethernet cable to connect or one of his own?


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