5 updates for Windows 7 64 Bit tonight

  birdface 20:56 PM 12 Jul 11

Only 5 updates for Windows 7 64 Bit tonight for those that update manually.

  gengiscant 08:25 AM 13 Jul 11

8 + 1 optional for me but thanks.

Anyone know why MSE does not update automatically? like most anti-virus software, or is this yet another strange Microsoft peccadillo.

  birdface 08:59 AM 13 Jul 11

It always updated automatically for me even though I had windows updates set to manual.

  EARLR 09:01 AM 13 Jul 11

8 + 2 for me also(32 bit). MSE (when it first came out) updated automaticly but it stoped doing it some time ago. I also wonder why.

  birdface 09:15 AM 13 Jul 11

Well I suppose I am 1 year behind as I removed it last year while it still updated.

Does it not update even when you have Windows updates set to automatic.

  gengiscant 09:56 AM 13 Jul 11

No it does not.

  birdface 10:13 AM 13 Jul 11

Have you changed the time for it to run it is usually set for about 3 Am when everyone is asleep.

Not sure if that is for scans or the updates.

  gengiscant 13:26 PM 13 Jul 11

That's for scans.But I have just change the time of the scan to a time when the PC will be on and it also checks for updates pre-scan. So I will wait and see.

Typical Microsoft though, does it not look at other similar products and say to itself now that's a good feature I'll copy that. No, lets go the more convoluted way.All to often Microsoft seem to make things as difficult as possible to use. Skydrive as opposed to Dropbox. 1 simple to use the other rubbish. No need to guess which one is rubbish.


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