4gb usb pendrive only using 1gb ?

  acein1 08:19 27 Aug 06

hi i have a 4gb usb pendrive ,i want to keep all my photoes on,(about 2.5gb ) in total i have loaded all of them from my h/d onto the pendrive,but i can only view 1 gb,all the otherscome up with an error saying that i can not open them because the are in a(pcd file extension) it alos give me the oppertunity to rename them but that dose not work, i am sure they were all in "jpg" on my h/d ,so i cant figure out whtas going on.
in total i have 84 folders in jpg format on my h/d,on the pendrive i have 84 folders, i can only read 22 in jpg all the rest are in (pcd).
i hope someone on here can understand what im saying many thanks for reading this

  howard63 10:14 27 Aug 06

this is a blind guess but it could be the 84 folders some equipment does not like too many folders. Could you start again but nest the folders inside other folders so that the drive sees a smaller no.

  James. 12:15 27 Aug 06

Download irfanview free from

click here

open the pcd files and batch convert them to jpeg or any other format you choose.

PCD files are Kodak format files so I assume you have a Kodak camera with associated software installed.

  acein1 14:11 27 Aug 06

thanks to you both.
james,i allready use irfanview,ive tried what you said it dosent work,also i am not using a kodak camera or any kodak software.
howard63. ill look at what you suggest and get back thanks again

  acein1 09:02 28 Aug 06

think i may have found the answer please read,
and mine is a SONY

click here

  vinnyT 11:36 28 Aug 06

Yes, this is a problem not restricted to buying off auctions, some retailers have been stung as the fraudulant usb keys have been so convincing and they only find out when their customers complain.

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