4G Lte mobile router assign 2 IPs only, need to now how connect it to AP that assign mote IPS

  Jwan 04 Nov 13

Hi everybody,

I have recently move bought a 4G Lte mobile hotspot/Router from a ISP as package with the 4G line which only works with that that router.

After start using it, I have discover that this router only assign two IPs to wireless devices, which means I can only connect two devices at the same time.

Its is very annoying especially when you have 2 lab tops and 2 smartphones at home and you have to the WIFI option on and off because only two of them can be connected. Somebody advice me to buy a regular router and connect it to the 4G modem wirelessly and setup the regular router as repeater and it will assign its own IPs which can expand the number of devices I can connect through my 4G . So I bought a EnGenius ESR6670 wireless router which have AP repeater mode also, but couldn’t set it up to receive the signal from the 4G router and rebroadcast it and give me more connected devices.

Anyway to do that?

Here are what both router shows as network parameters

4G Router SSID Name: Fastlink-2860 Channel : 6


IP address: Subnet mask: DHCP server: Enabled Start IP address: End IP address: DHCP lease time (s): 86400

EnGenius ESR6670 Wireless Router

Under Wireless:

Radio : Enabled Mode : AP Router Mode Band : 2.4 B+G+N Enabled SSID: 1 SSID 1 : EnGeniusFD2FA4 Auto Channel: Disable Channel : 11

Under LAN:

IP address: Subnet mask: 802.1d Spanning Tree : Disable

Under DHCP server:

DHCP server: Enabled Subnet mask: Start IP address: End IP address: DHCP lease time (s): forever Domain Name: esr6670

Many thanks for your replies



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