4 pin USB2 connector

  lester1 22:38 30 Oct 05

This may be a stupid question but what is a 4 pin USB2 connection.

I thought that both USB 1 and 2 had the same type.

  Splork 22:44 30 Oct 05

You're right, they are identical.

  wrfc_rabbit 22:46 30 Oct 05

im unsure but i think it is what you can plug into the motherboard to connect additional usb ports which are common on the front and sometimes the sides of cases.

hope im helpful!


  lester1 22:46 30 Oct 05

Thought so

Why do you think an external HDD with usb2 gives the description of fitted with 4 pin usb2 connection?

  Splork 23:10 30 Oct 05

Just to reassure you. Look at the pins in any usb plug/socket - 4 pins. Irrelevant advert blurb really.

  lester1 22:03 31 Oct 05

Many thanks

  woodchip 22:07 31 Oct 05

When Connecting to Motherboard header pins you have to remember that Red wire is five volts+ Black is Negative others are data wires. Get the Red and black on wrong pins and the USB is no more

  Bris 19:01 01 Nov 05
  lester1 22:00 01 Nov 05

Thanks excellent link

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