4 -6 meter VGA cable

  iqs 20:50 28 Feb 08

Hi,Is it possible to buy a 4-6 meter VGA to VGA,or DVI to VGA cable ?.I have checked the usual sites/shops.The longest I have seen is 2 meters.

  MAT ALAN 21:01 28 Feb 08
  PC Bilbo 22:14 28 Feb 08

Also try here for 5m. They also sell retail. click here

  Migwell 23:41 28 Feb 08

I once had an extended length VGA cable, about twice the length of a standard one, It was just like seeing double after a hard night out on the town. I will also add that it was a very good quality cable, and not the usual cheep junk that you find at some computer fairs for £1.00

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