graham 12:49 13 Mar 03

What are these '3's that have just appeared?

  weedode 12:51 13 Mar 03

I cant get the Number Off my screen !!

  cracker23 12:55 13 Mar 03

they're part of the above ad I think(at top of page),they're really annoying.I've got a popup stopper with Norton firewall but that doesn't stop them but the Ad stopper does

  €dstow 12:56 13 Mar 03

Use Opera and set it to not accept popups.

This 3 thing must be to do with the new tangozebra site that loads up on each page refresh (you can see what rubbish or otherwise is loading on Opera).


  GroupFC 13:01 13 Mar 03

I'm with €dstow. Opera is far superior to IE! I didn't even know what you wre all on about!

  graham? 13:04 13 Mar 03

Thanks, just switched to Opera and stopped the pop-ups.

  graham? 13:06 13 Mar 03

Copy and paste didn't work very well, though!

  graham? 13:08 13 Mar 03

I put ? and it comes out ?

  Tog 13:09 13 Mar 03
  SantasLittleHelper 13:09 13 Mar 03

C'mon PC Advisor, we expect better than this stupid, irritating advert from a magazine of your calibre. Where is the Forum Ed's comment on all these negative postings?

  Andÿ 13:18 13 Mar 03

Remember when some thought PCA was in trouble!

click here

Lets try and remember how it felt when realising the PCA site may not be here for ever (if it can't pay for it's self) and realise the ads are really a small price to pay :o)

These intrusive ads have been developed because of popup stoppers devaluing the less intrusive ads.............

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