Is 3gb of memory enough on my computer??

  sirles1 21:30 27 Jun 08

I have a k7n2g-ilsr motherboard currently on 1gb(2x512mb)ddr sdram ram of memory. I am not sure whether to upgrade my computer or not. My motherboard can take a total of 3gb ram but I'm not sure if that is enough for todays software. Most computers these days have 8gb memory(will we ever use that much?).
I use my computer mainly for downloading and burning music and films and may play the occassional games such as football and racing simulation!
Please help before I part my hard earned cash!

  Technotiger 21:32 27 Jun 08

I have never heard of any PC with 8Gb RAM. 3Gb is more than enough anyway!

ample, if it's 32 bit operating system windows wont see much more. most modern motherboards are 64 bit and have up to 8 slots can usually take 8gb/ 16 gb max.
if you have 32 bit xp 2 gb is more than enough 3gb you will probably never use.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 21:56 27 Jun 08

XP (32bit) will not see more than 3.5Gb.

and those eagle eyed amongst you will notice i got my 4 and my 8 the wrong way round!

  sirles1 22:03 27 Jun 08

Thanks guys
I presume 64 bit is the windows xp operating software but would 3gb memory be ok for this in the future?
Also what is cas latency and how would i know what one I have on my motherboard(k7n2g-ilsr)?

click here
why do ask? is it a self build or have you upgraded the ram?

sorry, im playing wow! just read the thread fully. i would upgrade it with another 1 gb of ram, run scanner at click here it will give you options if the ram doesnt work you get money back.

what problems are you having (if any) when you say todays software what do you mean games? office? need to know a little more really, also what graphics, operating system and i suppose you're using the on board graphics?

  sirles1 22:22 27 Jun 08

I built the machine myself 7 years ago but just lately I am now getting memory exception dialog.
Only last week, I had to clean my machine because i had a riskware i could not get rid of however I took the oppertunity of having a look to see how much my memory I was using with hardly any of the software I normally use on my machine and I was staggered to see I was using 41% but most of the software is spyware and anti virus programmes.

well if it's just a performance increase, follow my 2210 thread. what security software are you running ?

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