3G Network Reliability

  Office 09:36 13 Feb 04

My question is regarding the 3G network. I'm interested in buying a phone on 3G network. I've heard from my friends that the network is not reliable. When they place or receive calls they hardly can hear anything. I want to know if this is true.

I would like to know from the 3G users, if they are having the same problem. Or would they recommend to 3G network.


  Indigo 1 09:40 13 Feb 04

You might find some answers here click here

  Office 09:47 13 Feb 04

Thanks for your help. By 3G Network, I meant Network in Mobile connection. Like T-Moblie etc. The link you have sent me has information on Computer network. I could'nt find anything for mobiles.

  Office 10:14 13 Feb 04


  Office 18:04 13 Feb 04


  Office 19:14 13 Feb 04


  rupie 00:13 14 Feb 04

Vodafone launched 3g the other day. the 3 network defaults too O2 if no network is available as voda might do a similar thing. orange have it but have not rolled it out yet (it might not be common fact) You can great price deals from 3, so wait til this drives the general price for all other networks down then wait

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