is 3G Broadband rubbish for everyone?

  pixieegg 19:40 11 Jun 08

Is it just me being too speed greedy or is 3G Broadband just plain pointless? At times i can get nearly 1mb download speed, but the majority of the time i'm plodding along at virtually dial up speeds. And then nothing! Its just so erratic! Please tell me that there is something i can do, or that i've got a faulty dongle. And not that i'm stuck throwing away money for the next eighteen months! Any help on this matter greatly appreciated. Thanks for reading.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 21:36 11 Jun 08

Sorry but that sounds just like my 3G connection.


  agostini 20:33 22 Jul 08

mine too not gonna renew contract

  Strawballs 22:20 22 Jul 08

I think it must depend on what area you live in because my son uses it on his laptop and a friend uses it as they don't have a landline and both rave over it.

  amonra 19:01 23 Jul 08

Just think about it. there is only so much bandwidth available on the 3G network. If your particular area is only served by a minor microwave feed, then speeds will be restricted. Major cities are well catered for so there aren't many problems but if more and more people start using the service, throttling will have to be employed. I can see major connection problems on the horizon..............

  Atasas 22:54 23 Jul 08

"is 3G Broadband rubbish for everyone?"
Yes!!!! and they customer service is usseles talking and charging for it...

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