3.5" hdd caddy - can't find it on my computer!!!!

  PC_HelpMe 13:23 15 Aug 06

I've just recently bought a new PC (OS is Windows XP).

I have taken the hard drive from my old computer (OS Windows 98SE) and installed it into an external 3.5" caddy. The caddy came with a USB lead which i initially connected up to my PC for the first time yesterday. After a while of seemingly "reading" the external disc drive, a message came up on my desktop saying something along the lines of "Fujitsu USB device found" and then "your new hardware is ready for use". However, I cannot find the disc anywhere on my pc to be able to access its contents. PLUS, when the external drive is switched on, my new computer won't either boot up, or shut down, unless i switch the external drive off first. Any ideas what is going wrong. Am I supposed to have changed something from "master" to "slave" or "primary" and "secondary"?? (Easy answers please - I don't know what I'm doing really).

  Eric10 13:44 15 Aug 06

As an external drive the hard drive should be jumpered as Master. When connected it should be shown in Disk Management (right-click My Computer then choose Manage, Disk Management) and may need a drive letter assigning or changing if the assigned letter clashes with another drive. Once this is done you should be able access it through My Computer. You change the drive letter by right-clicking on the drive in the right-pane and choosing from the menu.

  James. 13:45 15 Aug 06

Right click "My Computer"

Select "Manage

Choose "Disk Management"

Does your drive show here.

  James. 13:46 15 Aug 06

Sorry, I must learn to type faster!

  PC_HelpMe 13:54 15 Aug 06

I tried to go into Disk Management last night, but nothing seemed to happen at all - although it was about 1:00am this morning by the time i got round looking at this Disk Management business, so gave up shortly thereafter.

How easy will it be to assign or change the drive letter in Disk Management - so an idiot like myself can do it?

  PC_HelpMe 13:55 15 Aug 06


As a complete novice at this sort of thing, how will i know if the external drive is "jumpered as Master" and how would I change this if this is what i need to do?

  PC_HelpMe 13:58 15 Aug 06

Of any interest - when I go into my device manager and check out the list of Hardware on my computer, the external disc drive does show up in the "disc drives" section as "Fujitsu etc etc", so it is there somewhere - is it just the fact that it may have been given the same drive number as something else that is stopping it showing up?

(I did initially plug this into a usb socket that i had originally installed a flash card reader in, although i have since taken it out of this socket and put it in a fresh socket at the back of my computer - don't know if this has had any effects).

  xania 14:00 15 Aug 06

The label on the hard disc should show how the drive is to be jumpered for master, slave etc.

  Eric10 14:22 15 Aug 06

If the drive was the system (or only) drive on your Win98 PC then it will almost certainly be set to Master already but as xania says, there is usually a diagram on the drive's label showing how to set the jumper although some earlier Fujitsu drives didn't have this. If you need it this website lists the jumpers setings for some discontinued Fujitu drives click here.
Once you have got to Disk Management just click on it and all your drives should show up in the right-hand pane. If your external drive is there you can right-click on it and choose 'Change Drive Letter and Paths' from the menu. In the next dialogue box you click the Change button and then choose any available letter from the drop-down list.

  PC_HelpMe 14:58 15 Aug 06

Thanks for your advice so far everyone - as soon as I get home I will give your advice a go - will keep you posted.

  PC_HelpMe 16:41 15 Aug 06

Just out of interest - of all the great advice you guys have given me - what should i try first (in order of easyness?)

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