32Meg Memory pen by eDREAM.co.uk

  anniesboy68 13:52 04 Mar 03

Has anyone got this item and if so does it work ok and worth the money

  Pesala 16:53 04 Mar 03

CD-R or CD-RW media is much cheaper and stores far larger files. If you don't have a CD-RW drive, better to spend the money on one of those. A CD in a plastic wallet is probably even lighter than a pen drive.

  anniesboy68 17:04 04 Mar 03

Presala....Thanks, I do have a CD-RW drive, yes you are right, a waste of money, it just looked interesting seeing as I have USB ports at the front.

  'oppy 17:15 04 Mar 03

I have one of them there pen flash drives, I think they're ok. Small, the size of a pack of chewing gum, slips into you pocket, or even on a key ring. At the moment on my 32mb pen, I have 8 tracks of my fav music on it, of course you can get larger capacities, for lots of photos. Dont need an extra drive bay, just plug into usb and away you go.

  TBH1 17:16 04 Mar 03

I don't agree that they are a waste of money - - then again, don't think the floppy has had its day either. Sometimes there is a need to move smallish files about and these memory stick thingies appear ideal - -even the 16mb ones. I haven't got one by the way - - -

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