32MB AGP on a Mobo with onboard VGA ??

  Tinkey Winkey 21:46 19 Jul 04

Can anyone tell me if I would see better games performance by turning off the 128mb onboard VGA on an Asrock K7S41GX and utilising an old 32MB 4X AGP Matrox Millenium G450.

I'm only talking older games obviously.

To summarise then :Up to 128MB Onbard VGA OR 32MB AGP please ?

Other spec includes: Athlon XP 2000 with 256MB DDR Ram.

  Smegs 21:51 19 Jul 04

BodgeItAndScarper, I would say stay with the On-board.

  Tinkey Winkey 09:17 20 Jul 04

Ta Smegs.

Could I have a second opinion please ?

  goonerbill 11:24 20 Jul 04

stay with onboard but add more ram if you plan on using 128mb for the onboard graphics.

  interzone55 11:34 20 Jul 04

The only real way of knowing is to run 3dMark using onboard VGA, the run it with the Matrox card.
My feeling is that the Matrox card would be slightly quicker than the onboard, as if memory serves, Asrock motherboards use S3 graphics, which are not up to much, even when using 128Mb of the system RAM

  Tinkey Winkey 20:25 20 Jul 04

Thanks all.

the Asrock in question uses 'Real 256E 3D Graphic controller.'

I spoke to a Commercial System Builder today.
His opinion was to stick with the onboard unless you have an AGP Card over 32 megs.

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