32bit or 64 bit?

  simonsup 10:03 28 Oct 10

Hi what are the advantages of the 64bit version of win7 home over the 32 bit?
i brought win7 home a while back but in the box
was 2 disks, one 32 bit & a 64 bit o/s, i installed the 32 bit but now i am thinking abouting putting the 64 bit version on from a clean install,
Will the pc run faster?
Intel Q8400 quad cpu
acer mobo FM9874567
4 gig ddr2 1066 ram
geforce 9800gt pcie graphics
700 watt psu

  kristain 10:14 28 Oct 10

click here for all your queries or 32 bit or 64 bit.

  bremner 11:35 28 Oct 10

Basically the same as kristains link but for Windows 7 rather than Vista. click here

I would have 64bit as it handles memory much more efficiently

  simonsup 12:23 28 Oct 10

ok thanks for the replies :)

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