32 bit processor software on a 64bit

  1936 23 May 11

I have just bought a Dell Laptop and it was only when I started to use the Word Starter software that I realised that it would permanently have pop ups running with it. I resent this sort of marketing and would have preferred not to have had any pre-installed software but its part of the Dell connection with other companies that this happens. I have two questions: 1. Will the Word software on my redundant computer which has the wonderful XP software and a 32 bit processor run on the new computer which has windos7 and a 64 bit processor? 2. If I have to buy new Word software where is the most cost effective place to legally shop?

  mgmcc 23 May 11

32-bit programs will run fine in a 64-bit PC; they are in a separate folder.

[64-bit programs] C:\Program Files\

[32-bit programs] C:\Program Files (x86)\

It is with peripherals such as Printers, Scanners etc where 64-bit specific drivers are usually required.

If you need a new copy of Word, Office 2010 Home & Student is an option.

  pk46 23 May 11

As has been said software on older printers and scanners that cause problems my Canon printer won't run on 64BIT but it's 8 years old but will on Windows 7 32BIT my other Canon printer does have a 64BIT driver i downloaded but it has limited use.Some Adobe software won't work on 64Bit. Whem you see 4GB of RAM on the computer spec it's a 64BIT system as a 32BIT system can not see over 3GB.

  1936 23 May 11

Many thanks, it's the Word software I was worried about because although my Samsung ML6040 printer is a solid machine it is getting on and printers are fairly cheap these days so many thanks all.


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