£300 to spend

  musiclady 19:22 07 Jan 03
  musiclady 19:22 07 Jan 03

I want to upgrade to the fastest cpu and best mobo i can afford,i Have £300 limit.Not bothered about onboard graphic/sound
any suggestions

  Thanuseelan 19:49 07 Jan 03

You can get a Intel Pentium 4 2.0 GHz processor with the right cooling fan, motherboard and 256 MB ram for £230.00! This is a motherboard kit.

Go to

click here

You will be redircted to SavaStore

Click on 'motherborads' in the grey boxes, then let the page load and click on 'motherboard kits'.

If you want to you can go for an AMD Athlon kit, that reaches your budget. These kits are great, they offer maximum compatibility, no conflics, no problems.

  Thanuseelan 19:51 07 Jan 03


You can scroll to the end of the website and go for a 2.4Ghz kit which is faster for £278.99 or stretch youself and go for an even faster 2.53GHz kit for £324.00. These prices are still extremely cheap.

  clayton 19:52 07 Jan 03

Hi you could have a read here

click here

click here

  Thanuseelan 19:55 07 Jan 03

think theres somthing with you links Clayton

  Spook Tooth 20:00 07 Jan 03

Athlon Thoroughbred 2200+ and Asus A7V8X, then you can get youself some nice PC3200 (400MHz) memory to really speed things along...

click here

click here


£207.98 (plus p+p) and some left over for the memory.... click here

Or the new nforce board, A7N8X... Overclockers just an example. Personally, I'd go for the cooler running thoroughbred core and not pay out for limited gains of highest clock speeds and 333MHz FSB. It all depends on what usage you have envisaged for your system.

  Joe McG 20:01 07 Jan 03

musiclady, you won't go wrong here. Scroll down to 2nd section.click here

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