3 short beeps

  loser7 20:42 07 Sep 07

I have bought a new ASRock K7S41 mobo from ebay, and now i have put it in and connected everything up, it will not POST. When i push the power button the fan starts but then just three short beeps (about 3 seconds in total) i googled it and have read that its likely to be a fault with the RAM IC. All the components were working fine and i tried reseating the RAM then even tried it in another PC and it worked fine.
Is this a faulty mobo or just something simple i can sort out myself. Thanks for any help.

  PP321 20:45 07 Sep 07

3 beeps should be video card, take it out and push it back in securely.

  Sparkly 20:52 07 Sep 07

Take a look hear might through some light on it for you.
click here

  loser7 21:17 07 Sep 07

Thank you both, but i already read that link and i just tried the graphics card and its fine. Is the RAM IC the part of the board that the RAM fits into or something to do with the stick itself?

  loser7 22:44 07 Sep 07

Sorry just to bump my thread but i need to solve this problem in time to send the board back to the seller within a certain time frame if it is faulty

  woodchip 22:47 07 Sep 07

Yes I would say Graphics is a Possibility, But normally one and then two quick ones for graphics. not evenly spaced beeps

  loser7 22:53 07 Sep 07

i swapped the graghics caed with one that i know to be working and the same thing happened

  woodchip 22:57 07 Sep 07

Did you test the Memory? if you did and it's still doing it. Send it back

  loser7 23:36 07 Sep 07

yea i also used a stick of RAM from another PC that works fine.

3 beeps is memory or mobo on both my asus mobos

  Sparkly 10:13 08 Sep 07

Hi loser7 i know you say its three short beeps,but a keyboard problem can give three beeps allso but useually longer beeps,a keyboard error or a sticky key a longshot i know but as the video card been reseated and no luck might be worth a try.

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